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Grow Co Payroll Information Page

We are committed to ensuring your payroll is paid accurately and on time. But to do so requires input from both parties.

To ensure that we have the right information, and that we have that information in time, this page provides what is required from you, and how the process works.

Monthly Process:

  • For New Starters: We have streamlined the data collection with easy-to-use forms for both employees and employers. This ensures we capture all necessary details right from the start.

    • Employee Form: Please ask your new starters to complete this form on or before their first day

    • Employer Form: Please complete this form on or before their first day

    • You can review all submissions of these forms in a Google Sheet format here (employee submissions) and here (employer submissions) - please contact your Oxygen Advisors team if you need to provide access to the submissions document to other members of your team.

  • Change Requests: Easily submit any changes, such as pay adjustments or one-off payments, through a dedicated form. All change requests must be submitted by 10am two days before pay day. If any change requests are received after this cut-off time, these will be captured in the following payrun. If late changes are required to the upcoming payrun, there will be a $250 administration fee incurred.

    • Change Request Form: Please find here.

  • Variable Hours: All staff on variable hours must submit their timesheets within your payroll platform by 10am two days before payroll.

  • Confirmation that all information has been provided, or that there are no changes: We will provide a simple button to click in our emails that confirms that we have all the information we need, ensuring we proceed with processing your payroll efficiently.

Timely Communication:

  • Automated Reminders: We’ll send you reminders 4 days and 2 days before the payroll date, ensuring you have ample time to submit any updates or changes.

  • Immediate Processing Updates: Once you confirm your payroll details or submit changes, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way, from receipt of information to the final processing stage.

Final Checks and Confirmation:

  • At least the day before payday, you’ll receive a detailed summary of the payroll for your review. This allows you to make any final adjustments and confirm the payroll, ensuring everything is as expected.

This new process is designed to make your life easier by providing a clear, straightforward path for submitting and confirming payroll data. By setting explicit deadlines and automating reminders, we aim to eliminate last-minute rushes and ensure that your payroll is processed accurately and on time.

We believe that by improving our process, we can enhance the service we provide to you, making payroll a seamless, worry-free part of your business operations.