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From a CFO Partner through to being your full finance team, Oxygen is here to help. Let us take financial management off your hands, so you have the freedom to be a founder


Accelerate your company's growth with on-demand and dedicated expert financial advice.

This includes:

  1. Capital raising and lending

  2. Strategic planning 

  3. Budgeting & scenarios 

  4. R&D grant funding 

With our experience working with a wide range of high-growth companies, we’re able to provide your company with meaningful and relevant advice - enabling you and your management team to make data-led, timely decisions.

Our expertise in capital raising and lending enables us to provide your management team with support raising seed capital to get you off the ground or growth capital to take your business to the next level. 


Elevate your companies finances through our award-winning team of experts.

Everything in 'Advise', plus

  1. Cashflow governance 

  2. Month end and advisory

  3. Board meetings and reporting 

  4. Financial metrics and benchmarks 

  5. Ad hoc support - grant applications, analysis, and more

By providing regular management reports and easy-to-read dashboards, you have all the information you need, all in one place. 

We aren’t afraid of variety when it comes to tailored advisory. Whether it’s enabling our clients to better understand their unit economics, or helping them pitch to potential investors, we love rolling up our sleeves and getting involved.


You didn't start a business to reconcile bank accounts. We exist to make life easier for you and your business. So let us take care of everything finance.

Everything from 'Advise' and 'Augment', plus:

  1. Accounts payable and receivable management

  2. Payroll generation 

  3. Bank reconciliations

High-growth companies are our specialty, so we understand how important it is to report in a meaningful way for all businesses.

Plus, our qualified and experienced team can manage anything from reconciling your bank accounts to raising invoices for your customers, allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

Our office

Oxygen Advisors
Level 2, Suite B
44-56 Queen Street
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